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Comprehensive Eye Exams

to maintain the health of your vision and eyes
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Comprehensive Eye Exams

An Optometrist is the primary care giver of the eye and that’s exactly what we strive to do. We also treat all ocular infections and diseases.

It amazes me how much eye exams have changed in the last 25 years! A patient used to run into an optical office, get a quick screening for glasses and done.

We strive for a different experience – one that cares for your vision AND your ocular health.

We recommend yearly comprehensive eye exams to maintain the health of your vision and eyes. We begin our pretesting by checking your blood sugar level and/or blood pressure to guarantee the best results from your exam. There have been numerous times where we’ve diagnosed high blood pressure and diabetes in unknowing patients! I take time in the exam room to ensure you are seeing great and are comfortable with your new prescription.

We also do extensive examination of your ocular health checking for any abnormalities such as cataracts, glaucoma and macular diseases just to name a few. For that, we offer additional testing that allows us to test your visual pathway and imaging that allows us to see layers of the retina that can not be seen with the naked eye. We take pride in giving the best to our patients and providing the best examination to help you maintain eye health and 20/20 vision.

We also have a team of doctors for referral in case we need to send you to a specialist for surgery.

Additional testing we provide.

We value your eye health and because the costs of tests can add up quickly, we are offering:

All 3 tests listed below for $110 ($69 Savings)

This is an improved technology in which Dr. Malouf can take high-resolution digital photographs of the external and internal portions of your eye. This greatly aids in the ability to accurately diagnose and document diseases of the eye. It allows our office to obtain a baseline for comparison for future visits and is the best way to monitor the ocular health.

This test by itself is $79

Our office takes pride in providing the most advanced professional services and the highest quality eye care. We are proud that we have a state of the art computerized instrument that aids us in the early detection of many sight threatening eye diseases such as glaucoma, retinal disorders, and optic nerve anomalies; as well as tumors and lesions of the brain’s visual pathway. I strongly recommend this test for all patients as a part of your comprehensive visual analysis.

This test by itself is $50

This is the latest in eye technology, very similar to an ultrasound. It allows me to see beneath the surface and early detect many diseases that may not be seen with the naked eye or detected from other testing. The health of your eyes matter to you and it matters to us too, which is why we are offering this procedure to all of our patients. It is a painless and highly advanced screening system that checks for many potentially serious conditions.

This test by itself is $50

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Dr. Malouf

Therapeutic Optometrist

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